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PCB design service and turnkey electronic engineering solutions

PCB Design Services

Saturn PCB has the tools and knowledge to design your PCB no matter how large or small.
We use the industry’s top tier design tools and are driven to be the best.
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  • HDI Designs with micro vias and advanced materials - Via-in-Pad, laser micro vias.
  • High speed, multi layer digital PCB designs - Bus routing, differential pairs, matched lengths.
  • PCB Designs for space, military, medical and commercial applications
  • Extensive RF and analog design experience (printed antennas, guard rings , RF shields...)
  • Signal integrity issues to meet your digital design needs (tuned traces, diff pairs...)
  • PCB Layer management for signal integrity and impedance control
  • DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, SAS and differential pair routing expertise
  • High density SMT designs (BGA, uBGA, PCI, PCIE, CPCI...)
  • Flex PCB designs of all types
  • Low level analog PCB designs for metering
  • Ultra low EMI designs for MRI applications
  • Complete assembly drawings
  • In-Circuit Test data generation (ICT)
  • Drill, panel and cutout drawings designed
  • Professional fabrication documents created
  • Autorouting for dense PCB designs

PCB Case Study

X-Band RF Amplifier

4 Channel X-Band RF amplifier.

PCIe Card

PCIe Card with SATA routing and DDR2 RAM.


40GHz. Wire bonded Chip-on-Board Amplifier.


PCI to PCIe converter with SATA routing and DDR2 RAM.

Signal Integrity View

PCB Simulation for signal integrity.

915MHz Key FOB PCB

915MHz FOB PCB Design.

Baby Seat Monitor PCB

Baby seat monitor with cell modem.

PIC32 Demo Board

PIC32 Demo board.


ADS-B, GPS & AM Receiver.